FNGLA Certifications


What is Certification?


Certification is a set of standards developed, maintained and administered by industry. These standards establish a minimum level of competency for professional members of the industry. Certification is voluntary – as opposed to state licensing – and not required by law to do business. However, certification helps regulate the industry by providing a means by which consumers can identify industry members who have demonstrated their skills and abilities.

Overall, certification raises the standards, the professionalism and the image of an industry.


What is FNGLA Certification all about?

FNGLA certification provides Florida’s nursery and landscape industry personnel the opportunity to earn professional designations distinguishing themselves from others. With the first certification program taking root in 1984, FNGLA’s certifications are a true mark of distinction.

Through extensive written and practical exams, Florida’s nursery and landscape professionals demonstrate proficiency in general horticultural knowledge, plant and pest identification, legal and regulatory issues and fertilizer use, in addition to Best Management Practices, landscape design, landscape installation and landscape management principles.




For the public, certification…

  • Provides a way to find the most qualified professionals for your nursery and landscape needs
  • Helps ensure adherence to Best Management Practices for protection of Florida’s water resources
  • Assists in the protection of your valuable assets by professional who have met the practices, standards and regulations used in the green industry

For industry, certification…

  • allows an industry to regulate itself in the absence of state licensure (read about this in Definitions (PDF)
  • increases its professionalism and public image
  • educates consumers and other end users on the varying levels of service within an industry

For individuals, certification…

  • shows your professional commitment and ability to perform to established industry standards
  • tells your clients you put knowledge and expertise first and pass this on to your customers
  • improves your job prospects by giving you an advantage over a non-certified person

For businesses, certification…

  • markets your professional expertise to allow your business to stand out from competitors
  • educates your staff AND your customers, establishing trusted relationships & repeat business
  • qualifies you to bid on jobs that require FNGLA’s certification as a pre-qualification

Fiscal Responsibility and Environmental Leadership

  • Voluntarily certified professionals bring a multitude of experience and wisdom to your landscape projects which can save time, money – and the environment.